Winter's Puppies

Winter’s puppies 4 weeks

September 15, 2017

Lavender Darling

Winter’s puppies are 4 weeks old. Time goes by quickly in puppy world. They are playing and barking and snuggling into our human arms more and more. The last of Janey’s pups left last week and then we the power was out for 3 days due to tropical storm Irma so the 3 week portraits just didn’t get posted. That’s okay. Life moves on and the puppies keep growing.

Here they are in their original birth order as per usual.

Handsome Blue

Blue collar boy has the cutest nose. I love the pink and black mixture. He is so sweet.

Pink Cutie

Pink collar girl has the sweetest face- she is just a roly poly. Love her.

Green Collar Curly

Green collar boy is so curly. Isn’t he handsome with those big eyes?

Light Blue Sweetheart

Light blue collar girl is so sweet. She reminds me of Lily from the last litter.

Royal Purple

Little purple collar girl is our darkest puppy. She is a deep red with thick curls. She reminds me of Rosie puppy.

Yellow Collar Beauty

Yellow collar girl has a sweet little face. Love her white blaze.

Precious Red

Red collar girl is such a love. She is also dark with red curls.

Lavender Sunshine

Lavender collar girl is also curly with a medium red coat. Love her big eyes and sweet face.


Soon they will all be chosen by their puppy parents and hopefully have names. We are praying over these babies daily. Stay tuned for the 5 week old portraits next week!








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