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  • 365 Project 2017

    Day 12 Including Indiana

    After last night’s melancholy post I thought it might be nice to lighten things up around here. When I posted Janey and June on Day 9 of this project I didn’t include our Indiana…

    January 12, 2017
  • 365 Project 2017

    Day 11 Moon

    I see the moon, Mama. How does it look from your side of heaven? I look forward to seeing it with you from the same blanket in the yard again someday. If it is…

    January 12, 2017
  • 365 project 2016

    Day 74 Flower Forest

    Every year they appear- these tiny jewels that cover the ground around our farm. If you were not paying attention you would not see them. But oh how beautiful they are. I marvel at…

    March 16, 2016
  • 365 project 2016

    Day 27 Little Ladybug

    I found this little lady in the house today and I followed her on her adventures. My favorite photo of her is this one of her on the mirror. She appears to be enamored…

    January 27, 2016
  • 365 project 2016

    Day 26 Choose Joy

    I love this perspective of my granite countertops reflecting the sign on my mantle. The truth is my house is a mess. Literally. This week we are having our old flooring removed so that…

    January 26, 2016
  • 365 project 2016

    Day 20 Comfort

    This is our beautiful friend Kellie. When she came over to visit tonight I asked her if she would be willing to participate in my 365 project. She kindly agreed.  (She didn’t know that I…

    January 21, 2016
  • 365 project 2016

    Day 5 Confetti

    When it comes to grief, some days are just more difficult to navigate. I woke up with a heaviness draped around me like a blanket. I wasn’t feeling well anyway and frankly, I wanted…

    January 5, 2016