When Life Seems Foggy

Posted on 10. Jan, 2012 by in Musings

Clouds on the Ground

January came in muted, head down, wearing a heavy coat of fog. Her clouds enveloped the light, quieting and cloaking it in a mist almost indiscernible. I cannot tell if this fogginess is inside or outside. It all seems hazy. Outside I strain to see the end of the road, but the clouds rush in and nothing seems clear. Inside there are important decisions to be made, but I do not know what to do. I feel an urgency  to move forward, but how and where to?

What do you do when you cannot find your way?

Quieting the Light

I have no choice but to wait. The fog seems to be symbolic of this season. Perhaps it is a gift and not a curse. I must wait. And while I am waiting, why not have a cup of tea? Read a book, call a friend? Pray?


It’s okay to wait and trust the One who knows what lies on the other side of the mist. I have a feeling I will have plenty to do when the light shines again.

Time to Meander

Sometimes the best magic happens while we are waiting. How did I get confused into believing again that it was about what I could do? I repent and rest.


Could it be that He is in the very clouds that I feel are holding me back? Perhaps He is not holding me back at all.

He is just holding me.

Psalm 62:5 ~”Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.”

Winter Tree in the Mist

Waiting for Clarity

Finding their Way

Light for my Path

A Light Burning

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6 Responses to “When Life Seems Foggy”

  1. cmo

    10. Jan, 2012

    Soooo Good,
    I’ve missed your images and thoughts.
    Nobody does it better.

  2. Shashi

    10. Jan, 2012

    The words…the images – they are so beautiful – thank you for sharing

  3. Mom

    10. Jan, 2012

    You express it so well.

  4. Marie

    10. Jan, 2012

    I needed these words. These photos. Thank you. As I’ve been working at my new “corporate” job with Siemens, I’ve been in a fog…. I didn’t see how this fog could be of God, from Him or good at all…. you made me think again. I’m praying in the fog….

  5. Anna

    11. Jan, 2012

    be still my beating heart. These are incredible photos and together with words……

  6. Keisha Brown

    12. Jan, 2012


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