About me


Images above by the fabulous Heather Wall of Heather Wall Photography

Hello there. Thanks for stopping by.

A little here about me? I am a mom. You will know it right away if you meet me. I will probably try to make sure you have had enough to eat or nag you about not dressing warm enough. I can’t help it. I didn’t know I wanted to be a mom until I had my first child. She made me a mother, and then that was all I wanted to be. But, I am also a photographer. I found this gift after I became a mom. Once I looked through a lens trying to capture my Katie I was hooked– forever.

It was strange how everything looked different, more beautiful, through a camera lens. All the distractions fell away and it was just me and my subject. I still feel that way. Taking photographs is a way of gathering moments, like little treasures on the beach, and stuffing them into my pockets to save and view later. That moment is frozen in time for me when I snap the shutter. 

If you have read my blog at all, you will quickly discern that I am a worshiper at heart. I seek to capture the glory that God has deposited in the earth, in people and in nature. He is always telling a story and I have tried to train my eye to see it and share it with others via photography. This is my heart — my calling.

I struck the lottery in finding a husband. This man is my true love and the father to our three amazing kids. He loves me sacrificially and supports my dreams. I pray I do the same for him.

Thank you for coming to visit my little space on the internet. I love it here and I am grateful to have a place to share my images and my heart. I also love that I get to meet people like you.


Mary Anne