365 Project 2017

Day 5 Be Still

January 6, 2017



Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling it– that feeling of being pushed from behind. It often follows me the whole day, this awful feeling of being hurried to get things done. It is almost as if someone is there saying, “Come on, you’d better get started if you are going to be valuable today.” It seems ridiculous to say out loud, but if I could name the feeling, that would be it.

I believe the source of this feeling- this voice- is the enemy of my soul. He is very real, and his sole purpose is to make me discontent and unhappy. He delights in making me feel worthless and unloved.

I am pushing back on the pushing tonight. I am hushing the visceral voice of my enemy.

I am still.

Ann Voskamp often says that “Life is not an emergency.”   She is so right. What is the big rush?

Some of the best things happen when we are still. When I am still I can: listen to a son or daughter who needs to tell me something, read a good book, photograph a lovely reflection in a birdbath, pray, form a sweet loaf of bread and set it out to rise, enjoy the smell of coffee brewing, feel my puppy’s soft fur between my fingers, write, think, sing, paint and on and on.

Today I do not have to prove my worth through doing, striving, rushing, fumbling or panicking. I am valuable because the Creator of heaven and earth made me and he has washed me clean.

So tonight my sweet friends, rest. It is good to be still.

Isaiah 30:15 ~”In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength,”




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  • Reply Tracy January 6, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Mary Ann, I am so enjoying your 365 day project. Your photographs have always reflected such beauty whether it be a photograph of a person or a stunning reflection of nature. Your words are easy and poignant. The Lord is using you and your gifts to bring life to the hearts and souls of many.

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