2017 Goldendoodle Puppies

Puppies 6 weeks

August 24, 2017

Baxter in his hat

Janey’s puppies turned 6 weeks this week and Winter had her litter last week. Suffice it to say I am overwhelmed. Thankfully all is well with everyone. Winter did give us a scare over the weekend though with an infection of some kind. She is much better now and her puppies are gaining weight as they should. I will post pictures of them when I can. Life is definitely different with two litters as opposed to one. I will not do this again if the Lord will help me stay sane.

I cannot believe these babies will go home in less than two weeks. They are precious and so smart. I am so proud of them and happy for their future families.

Here are the darlings in their birth order once again.

Princess Lily

Lily or LilyBug as I often call her, is a sweetheart. She is laid back and affectionate. She is also a gorgeous girl.

Sweet Lily

Regal Rosie

Rosie is such a love. She is very smart and the first to figure things out. She is taking to her clicker training rather quickly.

Beautiful Rosie

Baxter in his hat

Baxter is so huggable. Sometimes when the stress of all this is getting to me I will go get Baxter and just hold him. He never seems to mind. Gonna miss this buddy.

Handsome Baxter

Indigo Model

Indigo always knows how to pose for the camera. He cracks me up! He is a sweetheart too and loves to be snuggled and held.

Working the Camera

Princess Scarlett

Scarlett reminds me of a little teddy bear. She is such a princess. We I work on training them she is the first to sit and say “Look, I am doing what you are asking me to.” I adore her.

Adorable Scarlett

Peekaboo Cooper

Cooper is always willing to please. He is going to be such a good boy for his family.

Listening Cooper

Handsome Henry

Little Henry is so cuddly and laid back. He can often be found napping while the others are going crazy in the pen. He doesn’t let much bother him.

Happy Henry

Well that is all for this week! Thanks for stopping by to check on the babies.

Blessings to you all.:)

Mary Anne




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