2017 Goldendoodle Puppies

Puppies 3 weeks

August 2, 2017

Light Blue Sweetheart

The puppies turned 3 weeks yesterday and I was able to get their portraits done today. They have gone to a whole new level in cuteness and personalities. Their eyes are open and they look at me when I come into the room. They are beginning to play and wrestle and even bark and growl. I am falling in love with them more every day. This is the dangerous part when it comes to raising pups. I know in my heart that I am only raising them for other families but I can’t help letting them into my heart. They are so precious. Every day I hold them and tell them they are loved and special. I think they believe that now. I am still not sleeping much as they are still up several times a night, but it is worth it to cuddle them in the whelping box and hear their sweet puppy grunts as they struggle for the perfect sleeping spot.

Here are the pups in their original birth order.

Light Blue Sunshine

Light Blue little girl is so sweet. She is always willing to be held and kissed. She always takes the opportunity to kiss my nose and I pick her up. She was perfect for her portrait.

Sleepy Light Blue

Purple Collar Love

Purple collar girl is a cuddle bug. She never fusses about being picked up and snuggled. She is curly and deep red with soulful brown eyes. She reminds me of her mommy.

Cuddly Purple

Handsome Red

Oh my goodness Red collar boy is a squnch-muffin. That’s not a real word but you get it. He is super curly and has the bluest eyes. He loves to be held. Love him.

Precious Red

Royal Blue Cutie

Royal blue boy has been a star in this littler because of his markings and his quirky little personality. He is the smallest of the litter but is catching up with his daily bottle feeding. He is precious and so laid back.

Peekaboo Blue

Sleepy Green

Green collar girl is also very curly. She comes to the front of the group to be picked up and loved. She has a piece of my heart.

Peekaboo Green

Yellow Collar Boy

Yellow collar boy is so special. He is so sweet. His little face gets me every time. What a darling boy.

Yellow Collar Dumpling

Orange Collar Handsome

Orange collar boy is also stealing the show on my instagram. He is always the one found sleeping on his back. He is my chunky monkey.

Sleepy Orange


Meanwhile back at the ranch, the adult dogs have been enjoying their summer.

Four in a Row

Winter is due in 3 weeks and we are so excited about her first litter!

Winter Bear

Katie came over and cuddled the pups for me.

Puppy Love


Tune in this coming week for more updates!



Mary Anne

Psalm 107:1 ~”Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.”



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